Carmella is a most extraordinary caregiver in all respects, remarkably competent, capable, gentle, patient and kind. She does far more than simply address my mother’s physical needs (something she does with expertise); she also addresses her emotional health and happiness and gives focused attention and care through such things as conversation, going outside and hand massages. My mother has thrived under her care and we are tremendously grateful.

Dr. Caitilin Kelly, M.D.

I used Elder Care Home Connections when I realized I needed to provide more care and attention than the facility where my mother lived could provide. During those months leading up to my mother’s passing from Alzheimer’s, Elder Care provided me with several wonderful, loving caregivers that attended to her needs as well as provided companionship.

Cary Curry

During our mother’s terminal illness, Elder Care Home Connections was at hand for us every step of the way. Their personnel were professional, compassionate, caring, kind, loving, understanding, accommodating, and knew what we needed before we, ourselves, hardly knew. Liz Kalina and her team supported us all the way, and our mother quickly came to love and appreciate each of them. It is very comforting to know that we have such a wonderful group of caregivers available to us right here in Bloomington.

R. Daniel Grossman, M.D.

My brother and I do not live in the Bloomington area so when our mother was no longer able to live independently we hired Elder Care Home Connections to help with the management of and to be an advocate for her living and health care needs. The company’s professionalism in this respect has been impeccable and the results exceptional. Beyond the business aspect the relationship between Mother and her caregiver, Martha M, has been a true blessing. Elder Care Home Connections did an excellent job with that matchup. Martha and Mother have formed a very special bond; a true friendship without a doubt. I can say without hesitation that their relationship has been vital to Mother’s mental as well as physical well being.

Janet Henry

Many thanks for the excellent care you provided to mom in the recent years. You helped us to navigate through the aging process.

Julie Hatcher

We are very pleased with the great care and friendship that Wilma has received from Janet. She helped rectify a challenging situation, which could have been more challenging down the road. We are also grateful for the wonderful care that Wilma has received from all the Elder Care staff and workers.

Danell Witmer of Bill C. Brown Associates

The people that you hired were very helpful and professional. I felt that you had vetted very well. I was so pleased!

Wife of Frank Cotten

I’m grateful Delbert’s Dr. Jamie Bales recommended your agency to us. I am thankful for the help you are able to give us, and appreciate Pete very much. Thank you.


Special thanks to Roy’s kind physicians and their staffs and to his compassionate caregivers (especially Elder Care Home Connections). These individuals worked together as a team that enabled Roy to remain at home (as he so desired) throughout his final year of life.

Barbara Hudson
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