Our Process

Elder Care Home Connections - Rehab and Custodial Supplemental Services - Bloomington Senior Living

Bloomington In Home Care

When you contact us about elderly services:

  • We’ll first talk with you about your situation and answer any questions.
  • Next, we’ll arrange a time to meet with you and your loved ones at the senior’s place of residence.
  • At this meeting, we’ll take the time to talk with the senior and everyone present to begin building a positive connection.
  • Through conversation, we’ll conduct a comprehensive assessment and gather information about factors such as physical and emotional health, level of functioning, social support, and safety.
  • We’ll conclude the initial meeting by presenting you with our recommendations and a suggested service plan. All fees will be listed within the plan.

Depending on your family’s needs, you may choose to introduce elderly services gradually or to implement a range of services right away.

If your plan includes caregiver services, your family will have the opportunity to meet with prospective caregivers to ensure a compatible match.

Once we’ve begun providing elderly services, we will keep in close touch with you. A client care coordinator will be assigned and conduct ongoing evaluations, making recommendations and adjusting services as needed to meet your evolving needs.

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