Memory Care

Caregivers and Office Staff are Trained in Dementia Care


ECHC Dementia Friendly certificate

Memory loss stemming from Alzheimer’s disease, Vascular dementia, Parkinson’s disease and other irreversible dementia-related conditions can make caring for an aging loved one a challenging and sometimes frustrating experience.

Our company is proud to be a certified Dementia Friendly Business. Libby Dawson, Director at ECHC has taken the needed training through IU Health to be able to instruct others at ECHC and in our community to better understand Dementia. Our Caregivers are trained and given the support they need to provide an accepting, loving environment where the elderly can feel safe and secure. Our experience has shown that often a loved one with Dementia is calmer with a 1-on-1 caregiver who is trained to recognize signs of increasing agitation and is ready with a distraction, activity or a reassuring presence. We are also able to go into the local memory care facilities to provide care during a transition, and often stay involved by augmenting care for outings or for some extra personalized care families request.

Elder Care Home Connections is a proud supporter and Signature Partner of the Alzheimer’s Association


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Alzheimer’s Walk 2018
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Alzheimer’s Walk fundraising Car Wash


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