Frequently Asked Questions:

A:  We will meet with your family to determine what is needed to support both the senior and his or her primary caregivers.   Together, we’ll develop a plan that fits your particular situation. Contact us to schedule an in-home needs assessment.
A: Our experienced caregivers can help with just about any non-medical need: bathing, grooming, dressing, shopping, housekeeping, using the computer, even playing checkers. They provide both practical and emotional support and are available for shifts as brief as 3 hours on up to 24-hour care. Click here for more information about caregiver services.
A: We specialize in overcoming resistance. This is a common obstacle, and we have had great success in building positive connections with seniors who then become more open to the idea of receiving help. Contact us for an initial meeting and we will take it from there.
A:  Absolutely. We have a great deal of experience collaborating with home health agencies, Area 10 Agency on Aging, assisted living communities, and hospice providers. We are happy to be part of a larger team.
A: In many cases, Medicaid Waivers or long-term care insurance can be used for our services. If you need to pay us directly, we can discuss fees during your initial consultation.
senior services Bloomington - Frequently Asked Questions

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