Elder Care Newsletter June 2011

Recognizing and Honoring the Critical Role of Caregivers

As care managers and coordinators of caregiving services, we believe that much of the most important work that is done for ailing patients comes not only from surgeons and critical-care doctors but also from those who are giving baths, administering medications, and providing a listening ear at bedside. That why we chose to sponsor a new award given by the Bloomington Hospital Foundation this year: the Patient Care Technician Award, honoring a nurse technician at IU Health Bloomington Hospital who has gone above and beyond the call of duty.


Holly Modglin is the recipient of the inaugural award, and we are delighted to recognize her outstanding service to her patients. Nurse technicians are the first line of defense in patient care – taking vital signs, ensuring that patients are comfortable, and responding to their emerging non-medical needs. Holly has been a great support to the patients and the other nurse technicians in her wing, and because of her thoughtful, vigilant attention, the hospital’s nurses and doctors have been better able to do their jobs as well.


We feel a great kinship with the role of nurse technicians, because we provide a very similar service through Elder Care Home Connections. Our caregivers are there for seniors in every non-medical capacity. They assist with bathing, dressing, cooking, cleaning, transportation, recreation, and all the tasks of daily life. Their presence and commitment can make all the difference in helping seniors look forward to and enjoy each day.


Elder care, as we see it, is about more than just maintaining health. When we choose a care provider for a client, we are looking for someone who will be not only a trusted support but also a great friend. We work very hard to find the perfect match and build a lasting, mutually fulfilling relationship.


For example, one of our early clients was a woman in her mid-80s named Olive. She was living alone and suffering from depression. She was not taking good care of herself – she ate little more than cereal and much of her clothing was stained. She was very resistant to the idea of a caregiver, but she allowed our care managers to continue visiting her and getting to know her. Over time we built up trust, and she allowed us to bring in a care provider. We thought carefully and chose our care provider Louise.


With Louise’s help, Olive just blossomed. The two of them would giggle together as they talked and moved through the day. Olive’s mood brightened, and she was getting proper nutrition, wearing clean clothes, and, most importantly, receiving wonderful companionship. She started reminiscing again, sharing all kinds of stories with Louise. Olive was enjoying life. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Louise’s care turned Olive’s life around.


Olive’s story is not unusual. Care providers, when carefully matched to the client and introduced in a way that respects the client’s feelings, can make all the difference in a senior’s life. We are proud to be part of the caregiving community that, like the nurse technicians at IU Health Bloomington Hospital, helps people recover, revive, and renew their interest in all that life has to offer.


Father’s Day respite care for low-income families

For families that would not otherwise be able to afford a professional caregiver, Elder Care Home Connections is offering free two-hour respite care sessions Monday through Thursday of the week before Father’s Day (June 13-16). One two-hour session is available per family. Call (812) 330-3771 to sign up. Please feel free to share this information with families who qualify.


About Elder Care Home Connections

We coordinate and provide comprehensive services for older adults to help them enjoy optimal independence in their own homes. Through a needs assessment, we identify all the services that can assist each senior, from help with shopping and cleaning to personal grooming and health care, setting up social outings, engaging in favorite activities, and overseeing legal, medical, and financial matters. We manage all these services through one central contact to make life simpler for seniors and their families.


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