Caregiver Self-Evaluation

Choosing to begin or continue a career as a Caregiver should include a self- evaluation. Elder Care Connection, a home care agency, clients and their families will depend on you to provide outstanding, quality care each and every time you are on shift. We ask that you take a few minutes to evaluate whether becoming a Caregiver is the right choice for you at this time in your life.

Do you enjoy helping and having others depend on you?
Successful caregivers are natural born helpers. They understand that to serve others in need is a privilege and a calling in life. Caregivers understand the meaning of empathy and can “put themselves in another’s situation”. Caregivers do not judge and always strive to understand how others are feeling.

Are you able to commit to a work schedule and not call off except for true emergencies?
Elder Care Home Connections clients need, expect and deserve consistency in care. They look forward to a Caregivers visit and can be very disappointed to learn a shift has been cancelled. Clients often become so dependent on a Caregiver they will refuse a substitute, opting for no care that day. Therefore every effort must be made to keep all accepted shifts with our clients.

Many of our clients must also be served on holidays and during times of severe weather.

Will you be able to be flexible with your work schedule in order to accommodate the changing needs of our clients?
New Caregivers cannot be guaranteed hours at first since the office staff will need time to find good client/caregiver matches. This may take some time, but new Caregivers who can be patient will eventually end up with a schedule that fits their needs as well as a set of clients’ needs. The goal is to have a Caregiver trained to work with a number of client’s so that we can accommodate the caregivers preference for the number of hours worked.

Can you answer YES to the following questions?

Are you a High School Graduate?
Our clients will want to know about you and your life accomplishments.

Do you have a driver’s license, have reliable transportation even in inclement weather, and proof of vehicle accident insurance?
Since we serve clients in their own homes, Caregivers must be able to safely travel to work even in severe weather.

Will you be able to pass an extensive criminal background check and drug testing?
State requirements include screening Caregivers for criminal backgrounds. Since Caregivers serve in the clients homes, trustworthiness is an important variable in the hiring process.

Are you capable of lifting 45 pounds, climbing stairs, bending and stretching?
Caregiving can be physically demanding work. Housekeeping is a part of the job in almost every household. In addition, our clients often need assistance with mobility and personal care which requires the Caregiver to be strong and capable.

If you feel that becoming an Elder Care Home Connections, a home care agency, Caregiver is the right match for you please take the next step and fill out our application.

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