August Caregiver of the Month

TwillaElder Care Home Connections is proud to announce our August Caregiver of the Month.  Twilla Abrams has been honored for going above and beyond to protect one of our clients from having their bank account emptied by a very persuasive phone sales person.  A client was in the process of providing bank account numbers and information for a fraudulent service when Twilla entered the home to begin her shift.  Twilla respectfully inquired about the situation and was able to immediately cancel all proceedings before any monies were taken.

Twilla is a natural at care giving and has a gentle nature which enabled her to finesse another client to expand her support system.  Many elders are reluctant to ask for help and fear change.  However, with the right fit between caregiver and client some of that resistance can be diminished allowing our clients to enhance the quality of their lives.

Family member Barbara Hudson says of Twilla, “She is excellent and always wants to be busy.  She has just the right touch in knowing about how much to talk and what needs to be done.  She makes my Dad smile which is a real gift.”

After learning about receiving this award Twilla responded, “Thank you for honoring me with this award.  I have to say that I am blessed by the opportunity to serve my elder friends.  It is wonderful to see that more options are becoming available for us as we grow older.  I would love to think that I could spend all my years in my own familiar home environment.  That’s why I feel so strongly about the work we are all doing to make this possible.”

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