Care Management

Elder Care Specialists
Families come to us when they don’t know how to address the many needs that come along with aging. We help them find direction – a clear path and plan.

The role of a care manager is to coordinate all aspects of senior care, including medical, financial, residential, legal, and emotional support.

Bloomington elderly companionship - Care ManagementThe care manager serves as the central point of contact for the family providing expert guidance and oversight of the increasingly complicated task of caring for an aging loved one.

Care managers also assist when families don’t agree on the course of care. Whether siblings have differing opinions on what’s needed or the senior is resistant to accept help, care managers serve as informed and experienced advocates to find solutions that work for everyone.

For families caring for a loved one from a distance, care managers serve as their “eyes and ears” monitoring the senior’s care and condition.

Care managers provide:

  • Comprehensive assessments to determine which services are needed
  • Customized care plans
  • Referrals and placement services
  • Oversight of all aspects of care
  • Ongoing evaluation and adjustment of services
  • Crisis intervention and coordination of emergency services
  • Counseling and family support
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